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MIT+K12 Videos is an educational media program that seeks to spark curiosity and a love of learning among kids and kids-at-heart. We produce original digital media and live programming to promote STEM-literacy and open the door to MIT and the STEM world.

We have closed our daily operations - thank you to everyone who has supported us for the past 6 years! Though we no longer offer outreach programs, all of our videos will still be freely available (and more are coming in 2017!). Take a look at this site to learn more.

Our Mission

We produce original original web series, workshops, and outreach events to promote STEM-literacy and open the door to MIT and the STEM world. We create innovative media-based learning experiences to inform best practices for video-facilitated learning and to empower the MIT community to share their love of STEM with the world.

Our Goals

Broaden MIT's REACH to young people who may not be STEM-inclined

ENABLE the MIT community to effectively communicate their work to non-technical audiences

INSPIRE young people by challenging society's perception of who can be a scientist or engineer

Our Strategy

Spark CURIOSITY by creating content that contextualizes STEM concepts in real-world research and demos

Promote STEM literacy and AGENCY by creating content that rigorously and deeply showcases STEM concepts

Open the door to STEM by showing the diverse IDENTITIES of scientists and engineers 

Our Impact
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