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Where can I watch your videos?

Our videos are freely available on: 

How can I get involved with an outreach program at MIT?

Though we aren't offering the SciVids101 program anymore, there are over 100 K-12 outreach activities that happen at MIT! Visit to learn about the programs, competitions, tours, curriculum tools, and online learning tools in which K-12 students, parents, and educators can still participate.

Can I use your video in my TV show/project/teacher resource?

Our videos are released under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike license. You are free to share and adapt our materials without our permission as long as you:

  • give appropriate credit to MIT+K12 Videos and provide a link to the original video

  • not use material for commercial purposes

  • distribute your materials under the same license—you may not apply legal terms or restrict others from doing anything our license permits!

If your materials fall under the above terms, you can incorporate our materials without any licensing agreements or legal forms! 

I'm a student at MIT. Can I still be involved with educational media production?

If you’re a student interested in working on creative digital media projects, contact

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