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Click the images to be taken to the corresponding YouTube playlists. Our videos are also available on: PBS Learning Media, Khan Academy, iTunes U, and Curiosity

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Nuclear Science 101

A collaboration with MIT’s Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering and the MIT Nuclear Reactor will bring 5 episodes on nuclear science to YouTube in the summer of 2017. This series applies research on communicating complex and controversial science and technology topics, as well as learning sciences research on teaching through misconceptions.

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Applying research from Professor Laura Schulz’s Early Childhood Cognition Lab in the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, this series is designed to encourage preschoolers and their parents to think like scientists. Join 6-year-old Yana as she and her cartoon hippo and ostrich friends learn about experiments, sampling, and evidence through disappearing hot dogs and gum ball machines!

coming soon!

This reality series follows the NASA FINESSE team of geologists, roboticists, astronauts, and aerospace medicine engineers from NASA, MIT, Idaho State, Cornell, and Arizona State, whose research seeks to prepare for human and robotic explorations of the Moon, asteroids, and Mars. This series will not only explain the science behind their work, but will immerse viewers in the experience of these scientists as they collaborate in their labs and during their two weeks of fieldwork at Craters of the Moon park in Idaho. 

Our flagship web series hosted and co-written by MIT students, with episodes on everything from the physics of skydiving, featuring the MIT Skydiving Club, to humanoid robot brains. These 24 videos take the traditional concepts taught in middle and high school science, engineering, and math classes and put them in a context completely outside the classroom. You won’t find a single equation in these videos—instead, they feature the gamut of hosts and personalities who will take you into labs, rivers, and the sky!

Hosted by Quinton MacArthur, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at MIT, Q’s View is a talk show that seeks to challenge society’s ideas of who can be an engineer or scientist. Q interviews graduating MIT students from first-generation-to-college and/or under-represented backgrounds to show young viewers from similar backgrounds what the “top” can be for them.

This Q&A “video pen pal” invites K-12 students from all over the world to submit videos through email, Twitter, and Facebook, asking questions on any science, technology, engineering, or math topic. MIT’s grad students, post-docs, and faculty answer questions like, “Could you make a unicorn by crossing DNA?” and “What does the future of nuclear science look like?” 

Physics Demos

MIT Physics Demos was a collaborative series with the MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group featuring large-scale demos relating to high school physics topics. Undergraduate physics students demo exploding wires and bike wheels to illustrate physics principles relating to mechanics and electricity and magnetism.

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